Pack Mule electric vehicles and towable trailers can be found in manufacturing plants and distribution centers across the country and around the world. Pallet Mule pallet jacks move ordinance aboard ships and pallets in warehouses.

Here’s a closer look at our products:


Pack Mule provides a full line of battery powered stock chasers, tuggers, burden carriers, personnel carriers and maintenance vehicles.

We believe that we build them better (see why at, and we know we configure them more flexibly. For instance, there are more than 6800 possible configurations of our stock chaser.

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Pack Mule’s towable trailers, teamed with Pack Mule vehicles, make an efficient team for moving materials.

The Pack Mule trailer line includes order pickers, six-wheel delivery carts, single pallet trailers, and quad-steer trailers. All of them have Pack Mule features such as our exclusive adjustable, bolt-on shelf system that other trailers don’t offer and options such as Pack Mule’s unique Hush Kit that reduces noise in environments when normal trailer noise would be a problem.


Pallet Mule deals in pallet jacks that do special tasks, such as handling ordinance on a pitching battle ship for the U.S. Navy and delivering and installing delicate ink-jet technology based soft drink vending machines at locations around the world for Coca-Cola.

For customers who need pallet jacks to solve specific problems, Pallet Mule has more experience in providing solutions than anyone else.

We’re committed to listening to our customers and helping them solve their material handling problems.

That’s what keeps us out front.