That’s the reason that we’re the only company in the world that makes many of the types of pallet jacks that we make – because we have listened to customers to understand their problems and responded with unique solutions.

Very wide. Very narrow. Just one fork. Or no forks at all. They were made to provide the best solution to a specific problem.

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We also learned that listening to the customer was a good way to build machines that lead the industry.

Some of the features that we introduced on our industrial electric vehicles and towable trailers include the 3-year warranty, programmable controllers that significantly improve the performance and safety of the vehicles, rugged 14-gauge, genuine diamond-plated steel body construction, and adjustable bolt-on shelves for our towable trailers.

Some of these features have been adopted by other manufacturers, but most of them you still find only on Pack Mule products.

Pack Mule and Pallet Mule material handling equipment are manufactured by
Wesley International, LLC.

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We’re still committed to listening to our customers and helping them solve their material handling problems.

That’s what keeps us out front.